Everybody want to be famous and popular in Roblox. Here are some great tips and tricks so you don’t get lost in all the adventures remaining pretty much a nobody.

  1. Play popular games and find cool people then ask them to add you as a friend, the limit is 200 friends so be careful not to be a friend with anybody.
  2. Build a cool place that people will like and come back to have fun.
  3. Get a higher level so other will be impressed, not so easy but you’l get there fast, you will see.
  4. Help others! You will have a fan base in no time.
  5. Builder’s Club really helps. It costs money but when you have builders club you get Robux every day and gives you more access to Roblox than others do.
  6. Collect limited items. You can use these in trades with other players. The more you trade the more you become known, and having a valuable inventory will help you be respected as a better player. Robux cost money but, they’re worth the cost.
  7. Learn to script on Roblox. It is not that hard, if you need help here Google is your friend!
  8. Make your character look good, dress nice, pimp your style!
  9. Join groups!!! If you have Builder’s Club you can join more than 5 groups.
  10. Make accounts on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, post regularly there and get popular on social media.


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titinTuf · January 17, 2019 at 1:57 pm

allso you need to look hella hadsome lol

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